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Liam’s preschool teacher arranged several optional field trips this spring for her students. The tours have been an absolute blast, and I have a feeling you Supermoms may want to schedule a few of these trips for your kids and their friends—no preschool required! What better way to break up your spring break stay-cation or to add variety to your summer activity list? Come along on our adventures with today’s post and another on Monday!

First up: Behind-the-scenes tour of Peter Piper Pizza! Did you know you can schedule a tour for you and your children at your local Peter Piper Pizza? Each child toured the kitchen facilities, made his own pizza and received a few tokens, a balloon and a drink—all for under $5. My boys and their friends LOVED it!

Upon our arrival the students saw first-hand how Peter Piper Pizza is made—from scratch, on location! (Who knew?) After standing in the very cold refrigerator and freezer to see where all the fresh ingredients are stored, the students were taken step by step through the dough process. The giant dough roller was an attention grabber. Our kids watched the Peter Piper Pizza employees run the dough through this roller again and again until the dough was dense and flat!

peter piper pizza tour dough roller

What kid doesn’t like cheese? Extra cheese for that matter! This giant cheese grater made quite the impression—it was so big, some of the accompanying younger siblings could have fit inside…

peter piper pizza cheese grater

After the dough-making tour, each kid received a one-on-one lesson on proper hand washing techniques. The employees were careful to see each child was prepared to top his own pizza!

peter piper pizza handwashing

Topping our pizzas…

peter piper pizza tour make your own pizza

peter piper pizza tour  make yourown pizza

Watching our pizza cook…

peter piper pizza tour baking piiza

Enjoying the fruits of their labor…

peter piper pizza tour

And, of course, some quality playtime after all that work!

skee ball peter piper pizza


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2 thoughts on “Around Town”

  1. After you told me about this a couple weeks ago, I actually called our local Peter Piper Pizza and was able to schedule a tour for my girls Spring Break. Our Peter Piper had a minimum requirement of 4 kids for the group, but it wasn’t hard to round up a couple interested friends — our group ended up having 10 kids! My girls thought the Peter Piper Pizza tour was the coolest thing they did on Spring Break, and my little Piper especially loved that we visited “her” pizza place! ;)

  2. Wow, it looks like Liam had a great time! We can’t say enough about what a fun and unique program this is. As summer approaches, we think this would be an excellent activity idea to help kids stay out of the heat and learn everything about the pizza-making process. Besides tours, we also host several special events throughout the summer in our Summer Kids Days program. You can learn about all of the upcoming events on our site by going to: Thank you again for visiting us, and come back soon!


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