Brown Rice Shortcut

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Heather C., a Supermom of two, from Dunkirk, MD, said:

Most moms know eating brown rice is better for us, but it just takes too long to make — especially because I always forget until it’s too late, and the meal is less than an hour away. I figured out that it takes the same amount of time to cook a little or a lot of brown rice. So I started making a larger pot. I’ll make a double or triple batch; then I’ll freeze the extras in meal-size portions. I essentially get two or three meals of brown rice out of one prep time.

When thawing the brown rice I add a tiny bit of water to the bowl and cover before putting in the microwave. (You can do this same thing with white rice.) The texture probably isn’t perfect but you probably won’t mind it at all, unless perhaps you’ve spent time overseas and have a super rice nose. I also love using my frozen rice to make fried rice super-fast.


What a great shortcut to quicker dinners — thanks Heather for that Super-tip!

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  1. So, I love using brown rice instead of white rice, because it just has so much more texture, flavor, and let’s face it, nutrients. I hate cooking any kind of rice on the stove, because it either tends to be too watery or too burnt. Now, I always cook my rice in my pressure cooker. It’s so easy & the rice comes out perfectly every single time! All you do: Put a steamer basket in the bottom of your pressure cooker 2 cups water. In a smaller, stainless steel bowl (one that will fit in your cooker) put 1 cup of rice & 1 1/2 cups water (you can do 2 cups rice, just add 3 cups water, and make sure it will still fit in your bowl), place the bowl on the steamer basket & close your cooker. Cook on high pressure for about 15 minutes, then let the pressure decrease on it’s own. That’s it! It’s wonderful!


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