5 thoughts on “Easter Pinspiration”

  1. I love your website! I have 4 children and I am always on the look out for original ideas and your website is exactly what I love seeing. And now seeing your pinterest board I’m really hooked. Keep the great ideas coming. Kudos!

  2. I have used natural dyes to color eggs. I learned about it on Martha Stewart. I used onion skins, beets, berries, juices, and different herbal teas. The colors were beyond what I had hoped for! I highly recommend it. I have also used the same items to dye small amounts of cotton fabric when I couldn’t find the exact hue I was looking for.

  3. I haven’t made any natural dye’s before, but needing some colored eggs for decor the other day I purchased a cheap store kit and started dying. We do it every year with the kids but I guess in my mind picturing beautiful eggs for decor, I was less than pleased out how they turned out. I quickly turned to other ways of creating my own egg coloring. I ended up using wilton food dye in vinegar, then added water. The color came out much more smooth and even. It totally got me intrigued to find other ways at home to dye our eggs this year!

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