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Hi there Supermoms! I’m Amy and I blog at Ameroonie Designs. I am excited to be here sharing some Super tips to kick off the Summer!

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At our house we don’t travel or do elaborate things during our summer break. That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t try to live it up! The past couple of years I created a summer kickoff gift for my kids that includes toys and treats we’ll be using throughout the summer. Since they were things I probably would have purchased anyway, packaging them up in a fun way makes them special without adding any extra expense to the budget.

This year I am including some fun games — like the water ball sling shot and the catch game, glow sticks for our firework watching evenings, large bubble wands, a note pad to use as a journal, pedicure sets for the girls, and silly string to celebrate the last day of school.

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I found these fun drawstring bags at the dollar store and thought they would be perfect for hikes or walks to Grandma’s and offer a great way to wrap everything up. New sidewalk chalk, water bottles and drink mix-ins complete the gift. Taking items I was already planning to buy for summer and packaging them up as a gift makes me feel like one Super Mom!

I live in Eagle Mountain, Utah, where I spend my time blogging, sewing, and crafting — well, the time that’s left over after taking care of my 5 children anyway. Over at my blog I share sewing tutorials like this fun mini coin purse — perfect for summer, craft ideas like my summer bingo clipboards and commiserate on being a mom in my Mom-day posts. I would love to have all you amazing Supermoms come visit.

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