Mod Podge “Jingle All the Way” Sign + Gift

There are lots of reasons why the holidays can feel overwhelming to us moms, but one big issue is having a nice gift to give to the LONG list of family, friends, neighbors, etc. Today we’re sharing the perfect solution to holiday gift-giving woes. This adorable “Jingle All the Way” sign is super simple to make using our free printable and Mod Podge. We especially love that they can easily be produced in mass so you’ll have plenty to go around.

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

In case you’re not familiar, Mod Podge is an all-in-one gluer, sealer and finish. It really works wonders, and we are quickly becoming addicted to using Mod Podge to adhere our printables to boards for quick, easy signs. Mod Podge is available at craft stores nationwide and online.

Today we are using our favorite Mod Podge Matte formula as well as Mod Podge Sparkle, which is embedded with festive, iridescent glitter.

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

Get a 1x8x6 board from the hardware store, and be sure to ask them to cut the board into 10-inch pieces — you’ll pay just a few cents per cut and save yourself from sawing. That single board which should cost just under $10 (with cuts) will yield SEVEN finished signs! Print seven copies of our Jingle All the Way free printable and cut them down to size. For decoupaging you’ll also need:

:: Spray bottle filled with water
:: Foam Brush
:: Brayer
:: Mod Podge Matte & Mod Podge Sparkle (of course!)
:: Damp Rag

A quick tip for decoupaging printables: it is best to print on cardstock with a laser printer since thinner materials wrinkle easier and inkjet prints can run. We’ve read that you can seal your inkjet prints with a clear acrylic spray prior to decoupaging but haven’t tried that route. We always get a laser print from our local copy center just to be on the safe side and because the colors are more vibrant (read more on why we prefer copy center prints).

The SECRET to Mod Podging without wrinkles at

I used to struggle with getting unsightly wrinkles and bubbles in my Mod Podge projects. It was really, REALLY frustrating, and I swore off Mod Podge for a very long time. Then recently when the opportunity came along to do this sponsored post for Mod Podge, I decided to give it another try. Many of my friends love their Mod Podge, and I was determined to give it another go. I did some research (the most helpful tips are here and here), and I am excited to report that I have figured out the Secrets to Wrinkle-Free Mod Podge!

Here’s what to do:

1 :: Very lightly spritz the back of your paper with a fine mist of water — just 1-3 pumps is all. You are not trying to soak it, but you want to get the paper wet so it will do its curling before you adhere it to the board.
2 :: Working quickly, apply a fairly thick coat of Mod Podge to the wood board. One of my wrinkling mistakes was not applying enough Mod Podge — you need literally every part of it covered so there are no air bubbles.
3 :: Now coat the back of your dampened printable with Mod Podge then position it over the board and press down.
4 :: Use the brayer to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles in the paper. You should have Mod Podge squishing out the edges — a sign that you got enough on there — just wipe it away with your wet rag. If some gets on your brayer, wipe it off. It is OK if Mod Podge gets on the top of your print because it will dry clear, and we’re going to coat the top in a few minutes anyway.
5 :: Now wait 15 minutes. (Don’t cheat! Waiting helps prevent those dreaded wrinkles!)

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

On to the really fun part… brush on the Mod Podge SPARKLE! Mod Podge is available in a variety of formulas providing endless possibilities for holiday and gift giving projects.

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

When it dries you’ll notice a pretty, iridescent shimmer all over, and you’re done!

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

Jingle All the Way free printable Mod Podge Sign at

Thank you to Plaid, the makers of Mod Podge, for sponsoring this post. For more painting and craft ideas follow Plaid on Facebook, read their blog, or sign up for the email newsletter.

:: Download our free printable Jingle All the Way sign

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