How To Make a Face Mask – No Sewing Needed!

I recently learned this technique for how to make a face mask that uses items you have around the house and requires no sewing skills! Whip up this DIY Face Mask in less than a minute.

How to Make a Face Mask Tutorial. How to make a No-Sew Fabric Face Mask using things you already have at home

First of all, I can hardly believe we are actually living in a world where we need to wear a face mask to go to the store. On Friday, the CDC advised people wear face coverings when going in public during the COVID-19 coronavirus quarantine. While reading the recommendations on their website, I saw their tutorial for how to sew a face mask, complete with sewing pattern. While I admire all of you who have been filling up my Instagram & Facebook feeds with photos of beautiful, handmade face masks, I must admit my first thought was, “Ugh! I don’t want to dig out my sewing machine…” Even if it was buried away, I’m not really the best seamstress (sewing = swear words).

For those of you who are with me — or who don’t even own a sewing machine — I have found this technique for a NO-SEW Face Mask (hallelujah!) You can make this fabric face mask in under a minute, and since my beloved Amazon Prime is broken right now too, it was important to me that all the supplies were things I already had in my house.

Here's the household items you need to make a No-Sew Fabric Face Mask to protect yourself and your family during the COVID-19 quarantine.

DIY Face Mask Supplies

Here’s what you need to make a simple and easy no-sew fabric face mask with household items. Just in case you don’t have one of the supplies I used, I included several alternative suggestions. I’d be willing to bet you can make this DIY face mask without buying a thing.

  • COTTON FABRIC – I used cloth napkins because they are already 20-inch square, but you could also use a bandana, kitchen towels, pillowcases or a t-shirt.
  • HAIR TIES – If you don’t have hair elastics you could also use rubberbands or any kind of elastic.
  • PIPE CLEANERS – These are optional, but they help the mask fit snug around the nose.

how to make a face mask

While this DIY Face Mask is incredibly easy, some of the steps are a bit difficult to explain in words so I created this video showing how to make a face mask. Here are the steps:

(1) Begin with a fabric square, roughly 15-20 inches. This is why it’s nice to use a cloth napkin or bandana, because you can skip this step!

(2) Next you are going to fold your fabric into thirds the long ways. If you’re using a pipe cleaner, you will sandwich it along the crease for that top-third fold. You might want to check out the video for a visual of this step.

(3) Now slide a hair tie or rubber band onto each of the ends, creating a candy shape. Don’t double-loop the hair tie, like you would for making a ponytail, instead just put it on as a single loop.

(4) This next step will make a lot more sense if you watch the video. You are going to fold the fabric tail inward, while stretching the elastic. Repeat this on both sides, and you will see your DIY face mask taking shape.

(5) To put on your DIY face mask, slip the elastics over each ear. If you used the pipe cleaner, you can press the mask along the bridge of your nose to help it shape to your face.

Once you return home, be sure to wash your fabric face mask pieces. Luckily this easy DIY Face Mask takes about half a minute to make so you can whip one up again when you need it next.

How to Make a Face Mask - Here I am wearing my DIY Fabric Face Mask that I made with NO SEWING and completely with items I had here at the house.
Here I am wearing my DIY Fabric Face Mask that I made without sewing a single stitch and completely with items I had here at the house.
How to Make a Face Mask for Coronavirus. Tutorial for an Easy No-Sew Face Mask using Household Items


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