Membership Benefits

Super-Tip Tuesday

Shanna S., a Supermom of two (with a third on the way), from Phoenix, Arizona, said:

Our family invests in several local museum memberships. It’s nice to know that regardless of the weather we always have a few activity options. Between our local science center, children’s museum, zoo and aquarium, we are never at a loss of what to do. Not only are the activities educational, they also provide fun quality family time. We’ve found our memberships more than pay for themselves.

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3 thoughts on “Membership Benefits”

  1. Such a great idea — especially for the hot summer months.

    So I know this isn’t quite what she means, but the post title “membership benefits” made me think immediately of Costco (or Sam’s Club) — my girls literally BEG to go to these stores, and I can at times use it as a bargaining chip to get them to clean up their toys, room, etc.

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