Taking Out the Trash

glad vanilla scented odor shield bags
Today as I was lining our kitchen garbage can with a new plastic bag I thought about how little things can make life so much better. (Yes, I got that from a garbage can liner.) Believe me, you need to try them. Glad Vanilla Scented Odor Shield bags are the highlight of my garbage-bag-changing experience. While that may not sound like much of a sales pitch, there have been a few times I changed the liner just to get a whiff of the new bag. (And just to clarify and give a shout out to Clint, superdad extraordinaire, he usually takes the garbage out. I wonder if he’s noticed the garbage bags are scented?)


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  1. We use these too! A little vanilla scent goes a long way to make taking out the garbage (especially when filled with used kitty litter) more pleasant.


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