Back to School With Neon Party Decor

Here’s an A+ idea: use our four, free printable patterns and washi tape to pull together the food table at your Neon Back to School Party. This pro designer trick will come in handy in the future since you can turn scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, maps and more into fun party decor. Go below to see how!

Back to School With Neon Party on #backtoschool #neon

Back to School With Neon Party on #backtoschool #neon

Back to School With Neon Party on #backtoschool #neon

HOW TO USE PATTERNED PAPER: Cut patterned paper down to size for lining platters :: Roll it into a cone shape, tape and trim to create party hats :: Wrap a tin can to hold pencils or eating utensils :: Cover juice boxes for sipping… then party like it’s 1999 2013/2014 school year!

:: Black-and-White Back to School Printable Patterns

Check out the rest of the Neon Back to School Party!

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  2. […] your own party decor with the free, exclusive back to school patterns. They are practically free to print in black and white and can be cut and taped to create party […]

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