Read Spring Break!

Our friends over at Phoenix NBC’s Arizona Midday have asked us to come on today and share tips for keeping kids busy while they’re home for Spring Break. We will be sharing some fun ideas to not only curb boredom, but encourage kids to READ (every mom’s dream, right?!). If you’re local, be sure to tune in to Channel 12 at 1pm. For you non-Arizonans hopefully we’ll have a link to the segment to share online later this afternoon or this weekend.

A little peek at what we’ll be sharing:

Ideas to Bring Four Favorite Books to Life at #books #kidscrafts #springbreak

1. Night of the Ninjas from the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne :: 2. Fancy Nancy by Jane O’Connor :: 3. Scrambled States of America by Laurie Keller :: 4. DogFish by Gillian Shields

WHAT TO DO: Discuss with your kids which books they’d like to focus on — perhaps choose a different day for each day of Spring Break. Then brainstorm together ways to bring that book to life — do a craft, go on an outing, or make a snack — all inspired by the book. Go here for more book-inspired craft ideas!

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