Make a DogFish!

I can’t remember how we came across DogFish, but the first time my girls and I read this book I immediately ordered a copy from Amazon for their bookshelf. Between the adorable retro-modern illustrations and the very useful moral — “If you can’t have what you want, you could try wanting what you have.” — this is picture book perfection! (By the way, when you do read this book, it will be fun for you to know that the mother and son in the story completely remind me of Aimee and her son Liam.)

Adorable Book about a Boy who wants a dog but has a goldfish #goldfish #goldfishparty #book

Adorable Balloon Goldfish Craft with Free Printable Template at #goldfish #goldfishparty #fishcraft

The body of the goldfish in the book bares a striking resemblance to a balloon, and with Miss Modette’s current balloon fascination I knew she’d love making a DogFish of her own.

Adorable Balloon Goldfish Craft with Free Printable Template at #goldfish #goldfishparty #fishcraft

TO MAKE: You will need an orange balloon, our free fish template, orange crayons, scissors and tape. Color the four fins on the printed template and cut out. Also cut out your choice of eyes (we offer both normal and hypnotizing eyes!). Blow up the balloon and tie off with a knot. Using clear, office tape attach the eyeballs to the balloon. To help line the eyes up, we looked for the little darker, orange spot that is on the tip of the balloon opposite the knot. Fold each fin at the dotted line and tape two on the sides as pectoral fins and two as tail fins on the back on either side of the knot. Now go take your DogFish for a walk!

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