Channeling Martha


My youngest daughter’s birthday always falls right before Easter and this year we had to combine her birthday with colorings eggs. Luckily little Piper is borderline obsessed with the Hannah Montana movie, so I used it as a theme to work the eggs into her birthday festivities — along with BBQ sandwiches, karaoke and “Pink Pie” (banana cream pie dyed pink with food coloring at Piper’s request).

Last month I was flipping through my sister’s copy of Martha Stewart Living. (I don’t subscribe because it is filled with too much perfection that would just bring me guilt, yet I still can’t help looking through a copy whenever I come across one.) So I was at my sister’s house looking at her Martha mag, and was loving this idea of putting vinyl onto the eggs before dying to make detailed shapes. Of course our eggs didn’t turn out nearly as perfect as Martha’s, but it is still one of the best egg-dying techniques I’ve come across in a while. Here are some of our creations:


My husband, Heath, with his “All The World’s an Egg.”


Me with my egg after becoming the Easter morning Egg-Fight Champion!


2 thoughts on “Channeling Martha”

  1. They are hard-boiled eggs, so you just tap them against each other to see which egg breaks. Almost every time only one will break, and the other egg is the winner. The only thing bad about losing is having to eat the egg, and that is really only bad if you don’t like hard-boiled eggs.

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