How to Get a Postmarked Letter from Santa

Imagine how exciting it would be for your little ones to get a a real reply from Santa postmarked from the North Pole. We did this a few years ago, and my girls insisted on saving their letters.

Get a Santa Letter with real North Pole Postmark instructions on #santa #santaletter #northpole #postmark #christmas

It’s actually very easy to get a Santa letter with a real, North Pole postmark. First you need a letter written to your child and signed from Santa. You can create the letter yourself or download our free Letter From Santa Template. It is a Microsoft Word file so you can edit the text and personalize it.

Next you will need two envelopes — one that will fit inside of the other. Place the letter from Santa in the smaller envelope and seal. Address it to your child including your full address, and write a return address from “Santa Claus, North Pole.” Affix a first class stamp (be sure to use an actual stamp not a meter).

Get a Santa Letter with real North Pole Postmark instructions on #santa #santaletter #northpole #postmark #christmas

Put the smaller, addressed envelope inside the larger envelope and mail with enough postage to:

ANCHORAGE AK 99530-9998

Since things obviously get busy up at the North Pole, your letter must arrive in Fairbanks, AK, before December 15th. To be safe the post office recommends mailing by December 8th. Santa’s helpers will take care of the rest!

UPDATE: We have verified that this address is current for 2014, according to USPS official press release.

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43 Responses to How to Get a Postmarked Letter from Santa
  1. Nancy Dallas says:

    This is a great idea. I usually sit and write a letter to each one of my third grade students and sign and address it from Santa. The expression on their face says it all. Thanks for the templete.

    Nancy Dallas
    Elberta Elementary
    Elberta, Alabama

  2. Jorge Gonzales says:

    Sorry, Santa doesn´t live in the North Pole.
    At one stage it was thought that Santa Claus/Father Christmas lives in the North Pole. In 1925 it was discovered that there are no reindeer in the North Pole but there are lots of them in Lapland, in the northernmost part of Finland.So today we know that Santa Claus lives in Lapland’s Korvatunturi which in Finnish means ”Ear Fell”.

  3. Laura says:

    This is so incredible! My daughter is 3 &1/2 this year and Christmas is truly magical this year for us. I wrote the letter, put some personal additions in it (what we are proud of and what may need a little work over the next year) and put some glitter in it as well. I think this idea is really great and can only be an addition to the magic that the season seems to already possess. Thank you for this- I hope to keep the magic as long as possible!

  4. Melissa says:

    My kids will be thrilled when they receive a letter back from Santa! Thanks so much for the letter template and directions! I have a Piper also, not often I see her name in print anywhere ;)

    P.S. I grew up in Alaska and live in Anchorage now. I have been to North Pole and to Santa Claus’ house ;) and he really does have reindeer! I’m sure you could find the video on YouTube of one attacking a local reporter ;)
    Thanks again, Merry Christmas!

  5. Dyanna says:

    Love this…just wished i had found it in time for my lil one shes 8 but will keep for next year @ we both love Santa …..Merry Christmas….

    • Melissa says:

      I checked the USPS site last night and it states letters should be postmarked by the 10th, so I think there’s still time. I’m mailing ours today.

  6. Britton says:

    CRAP! I’m two days late! I’m going to try it anyway and see what happens.

  7. Melissa says:

    Darn!!! Wishing I would have found this sooner!!! I may do it anyway.

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  9. Brooke says:

    There is in fact a town about 350mi north of Anchorage called North Pole and this is truly where our letters go. Sadly, I have seen a documentary called Death in Santaland about the attempted middle school massacre there and how the town uses (among other volunteers) its school children to write its letters from Santa and the despair many of these kids feel being used to write letter upon letter. Additionally, they don’t get to believe in Santa themselves. Made me think twice and decide that a secret letter from mom was the better option for us.


    • Anna says:

      What letters? This is just to get your own letter postmarked and returned. Maybe you are thinking of something else. I will check your source out and see.

    • Anna says:

      So I read the article. It has absolutely nothing to do with the postmarks done in Anchorage. Two totally different issues. You thought you were going to mow us down with the morality train, huh? Nope. Toot toot Keep on truckin

    • Sydney says:

      I am from North Pole, AK and was apart of the class with the “hit list” 9 years ago, but aside from that, I loved writing letters back to Children. It was a humbling and enriching experience. I am sure if people did not want to participate, no one is forcing them! I love being from the town where Christmas lives year round!

  10. Alexis says:

    If you will notice, the letters are not sent to The North Pole, and the response from Santa is included in the envelope. No one has to write a response. Mom already did it.

  11. edith says:

    Can I do it from the UK?

  12. Chantelle says:

    In Canada, we don’t do have to do this. Our kids write a letter and address it to Santa
    The North Pole
    H0H 0H0 (in Canada our post codes are alternating letters and numbers)
    You put a stamp on it and put it in the mail. The nice people at Canada Post have volunteers that address millions of envelopes and send back a generic letter.
    It’s wonderful!

  13. Rebecca McClinton says:

    Im new to this and really want to do it for my 3 year old this year. But the instructions confuse me.
    Am I the one writing the letter to my child and acting like its from santa? Or does the people at the address we mail it to send us a letter “from Santa”?
    And if I am the one writing the letter then what is the point of sending it to Alaska?
    Can anyone help me? Thanks!

    • Amanda says:

      The postmark is the point. You write the letter to your child like it is from Santa. Put it in a stamped envelope addressed to your child, then mail it to Alaska in the outer envelope, they mail it back to your child with the postmark from the North Pole.

  14. niki says:

    I have written letters to my nieces & nephew the past 2 years. It has been the best experience: I get to give them some words of wisdom and praise for the people they are becoming and in turn, they receive a lil magic & wonder. And because the messages are very personal, it really is like Santa has been keeping up with them all year. I love that USPS does this every year – such a great gift!

  15. Cori says:

    Do you offer Santas stationary you used for a download. So cute! And official!

  16. jme says:

    I’m so confused I wanna do this for my 2 kids (5&1).

  17. Libby Sawyer says:

    You can also put the letter in an envelope, address the envelope to go to your house, and put it in your regular post. I doubt a child will notice the postmark isn’t from Alaska. It will still look like Santa mailed it.

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  20. Kendra Visser says:

    Thanks so much for finding things like this. I love making and keeping traditions and I want this one to keep on living in my house! This is just so neat. I can’t wait for my kids to get their letters in the mail. I just LOVE this! Thanks again ladies. Love your site, will follow from here on :) Blessing to you…and Merry Christmas!

  21. C T says:

    What a wonderful tradition to start for my grandaughter’s first Christmas, which I have sent without saying anything to her parents yet. I can’t wait to see their faces as well when they notice the North Pole postmark. It is something for them to continue as a new special tradition for their beautiful daughter. One of the joys of being a grandmother and getting to celebrate the magic of Christmas again. Thank you for the information and to the USPS for providing this special service!!

  22. Kerri L. says:

    I have to tell you that for me, this didn’t work at all this year. I mailed out our letter December 2 and finally received the reply on the 24th. That was fine, but the postmark was from Tampa, FL NOT from North Pole, AK. I was sorely disappointed and will not do this again next year. I hope no one else had this problem as it is a great idea when it works out.

    • Rebecca McClinton says:

      Mine did not work AT ALL. I mailed it out on December 1st and I still have yet to get a reply. It’s upsetting because my son would come and check the mail a lot with me hoping to find santas reply.

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  25. Laurie C says:

    Is this valid for 2014? what are the deadlines?

  26. Shannon K says:

    Is this valid for 2014?

  27. Alice says:

    So the kids write a letter, the we write one as Kris Kringle and it gets a stamp and gets sent back to us?

    • Bettijo says:

      You need to put a stamp on the returned one from Kris Kringle too, but the stamp gets cancelled with a Postmark from the North Pole. It’s pretty fun especially for older kids who can read.

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