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Super-Tip Tuesday
Becky M., a Supermom of two, from Louisiana, said:

I have been thinking about what to do this year for Easter baskets, eggs and all that jazz. We hide the plastic eggs with goodies inside. (Insert cringe face for those who grew up with hard-boiled dyed eggs… me included). As a side note we still dye eggs just not very many, and we use them for deviled eggs for our family gathering the next day.

Each year I’ve tried to come up with a fun alternative to candy for filling the eggs. One year I filled them with change and money; another year I found eggs pre-filled with hot wheels cars. (Did I mention I am a mom of 2 boys… ages 3 and 5.) Well this year I decided to fill the eggs with Legos! I bought a few small, inexpensive Lego kits and will be filling the eggs with the blocks that fit and putting any larger Legos, that don’t fit, in a gift bag in their Easter basket. I’m planning to also put the directions that came with the kit in one of the eggs. I will probably end up buying a few of the larger-size eggs so I can fit more pieces. I thought this was a great, sugar-free idea to help keep the cavities away!


Thanks Becky! We’re sure your kids are going to love this idea! We think this would also work well using a basic set like this one with only small, egg-size pieces.

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8 thoughts on “Easter Super-Tip!”

  1. I love the idea of money in the eggs. I have a 4 year old daughter who thinks that any demonination of coins is a big deal. I will sure do this idea this Easter. I also got one of those giant plastic eggs at Hobby Lobby (the one with two smaller eggs inside) to place some of her other items. Her real Easter basket is kinda small so that is perfect for the candy that she will get, but won’t end up eating.

  2. This works well with puzzle pieces too (just make sure you use some sort of code – the colour of the eggs, a sticker on the eggs etc – to identify which puzzle is which. We have also put jokes inside, and clues to where the bigger gift is. It’s really a lot more fun, and a lot healthier, than all that chocolate!

  3. Becky, it is a great idea. Matthew and James..and big Steve are so lucky to have your love and creativity. You are creating special memories for your boys that will last a life time.

    Luv ya!

  4. We had lots of eggs to fill for a 5th birthday that fell right in line with Easter- a dino egg hunt. I found dino jokes online, typed them into Word and printed them on fun paper. Then we folded them in a large accordian style before they went in the eggs. Would work great with any jokes for kids for Easter.


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