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Super-Tip TuesdaySince we believe that all moms have a little superhero inside of them, we have decided to start a weekly column sharing other mom’s Super-tips. Who knows, one of these ladies might be the real Supermom? Of course we would love to hear your tips as well. Super-tips can really be anything related to motherhood and family life — from a favorite recipe, to ideas for activities or a great way to manage an everyday chore. Please share your Super-tips with us by emailing We might publish your Super-tip next!

Jenny C. from Vienna, Virginia, is a Supermom of four. She said:

I am no Supermom, but people do often wish that they could have a house as clean as mine and are always asking me how I do it and still manage to get where I need to go with four kids in tow. There is no special secret other than: I never go anywhere empty handed. I go upstairs, I bring stuff that goes up. I make lists, and I am constantly adding to and checking things off but more than anything…. I do not do house cleaning all in one day. I split it up. Mondays I do laundry, Tuesday I mop and dust, Wednesday I do laundry again (4 kids), Thursday I clean bathrooms and wash towels, and Friday I change bed sheets and wash them. This way I am not slaving all day on one day. I also have my Saturdays free to spend with my husband and kids.

Supermom Jenny C.

Thanks Jenny for that Super-tip!

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