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Super-Tip Tuesday
Erin C., a Supermom of two, from Bentonville, AK, said:

Crafts are a great way to inspire creativity, promote dexterity, and (if we are being honest) occupy some time with our kids! The problem is, crafts are generally not appealing to my boys. So my solution is to make craft time, present time. The boys are constantly making things for their family and friends. It might be a decorated brown paper bag for Daddy to take his lunch to work, a painted bowl for Grandma, or even just a drawing for a sick preschool friend. Turning our crafts into presents has several benefits: the boys spend a lot more time on the craft because it’s being given to someone else, they learn the important lesson that giving is always better than receiving, and (after several sweet thank yous from family and friends) they are eager to try new crafts and have fun deciding who to give them to!


Thanks Erin for that Super-tip!

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