FaLaLaLa Foil Ornaments

Easy DIY Ornaments made from Tin Foil at PagingSupermom.com #christmas

This week we will be sharing some fun holiday decor ideas that use recycled household items. To start off, we have FaLaLaLa Foil Ornaments that we created for this month’s Real Crafts feature in Raising Arizona Kids magazine.

Trim your tree with these festive baubles made from scrunched aluminum foil and yarn — these are easy, unbreakable and definitely kid-friendly.


For full instructions on how your family can create these together (all you need is foil, yarn and a bit of glue) visit RaisingArizonaKids.com.

3 thoughts on “FaLaLaLa Foil Ornaments”

  1. We made these this week with wired tinsel! Thanks for this great kid-friendly craft – my toddler boys had a blast and would have used up all the aluminum foil in a heartbeat if we hadn’t run out of tinsel first.


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