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Today we have Kimberly, here from Packed with Fun, to share her favorite children’s book.

I am thrilled to be adding one of my favorite kids’ books to Paging Supermom’s Books Alive series. My little guy is still pretty young, but we love to read together. We especially enjoy books with animals. We are learning all about different animals and love to make animal sounds. I don’t mean to brag, but my little guy is really good at “moo,” “baahhh,” and hissing like a snake.

See Ya Later Alligator Book & Memory Game via @PagingSupermom

See Ya Later Alligator, by Chuck Smith, is a darling book that takes the sadness of “good-bye” and makes it fun with silly and sweet animal friends. It expands the classic “See ya later, alligator,” and “In a while, crocodile,” with rhymes like “In a hat, bobcat” and “With a grab, king crab.”

See Ya Later Alligator Book & Memory Game via @PagingSupermom

Since we’re learning about animals and my son loves the illustrations from See Ya Later Alligator (done by Utah artist, Heather Theurer), we made a matching game featuring the characters from the book. Since he is still pretty young, we leave all of the cards right side up when we’re looking for matches. Sometimes we even just use the cards like flashcards and work on our animal noises.

See Ya Later Alligator Book & Memory Game via @PagingSupermom

When he gets a little bit older, it will be fun to work on memory and turn the cards over. The book has 24 animals, which makes 48 cards. I got special permission from the author, Chuck Smith, so that Paging Supermom readers can download the free printable animal matching cards. You can print on any paper, but I recommend using a good cardstock and maybe even laminate them so they’ll last for years of fun. I hope the wild animals at your home have as much fun mixing and matching as we do. See ya later!

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