Clever Remedy for Medicine Fights

Super-Tip Tuesday

Becky M., a Supermom of two from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, said:

My youngest son who is 3 years old has to take a lot of allergy medicine. Well, needless to say he hated taking it, until one day I told him that on the label it said that it would make him invisible for 5 seconds. I told him that I never noticed this on the label before, and we should test it out. Well, I could not give him his medicine fast enough and for 5 seconds we all pretended that he was invisible. We haven’t had any issues giving him his medicine since. This technique also worked on my 5 year old. We also have in our medicine cabinet “glow in the dark nose spray.”

Becky M

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  1. That is a great idea, will have to try that with my superheros, 4 year old boy and 2 year old girl. Think I may neede to find some “lighting fast” meds for my super fast superheros.


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