Hose Wall Murals

I shared a round up of my favorite summer activity ideas earlier this week. One of those ideas — the Hose Wall Murals — has sparked quite a bit of interest. We had a few people on Facebook who thought I’d photoshopped the photo, and many others thought the Hose Wall Murals looked like a lot of fun and wanted more details on how we did it.

These Hose Wall Murals are SO MUCH FUN! via @PagingSupermom

It’s so hot here in Arizona, and since we don’t have a pool we have to come up with creative ways to keep cool. When I was a kid, running in the sprinklers was our thing, but we actually have artificial grass too (drought friendly) so we don’t have sprinklers anymore either! The hose has become our summertime best friend. Pretty much any outdoor activity — add a hose and you’re set! LOL!

We love to spray down the trampoline and jump with the hose spraying on us — we used to have a twisty plastic stand thing that I could plug the hose into and it would elevate the spray. We don’t have it anymore, and I would love to get another one, but I can’t find them anywhere. I’ve got no idea what to call it, so my web searchers aren’t yielding anything either. (I’ve been searching “Kids hose sprinkler” “elevated sprinkler” etc.). Let me know if you know what I’m talking about or if you’ve seen one for sale! LOL! Maybe I’ll have better luck as we come into summer. I’m pretty sure when I bought it before it was just at my local Home Depot. TANGENT! Sorry. Back to the Hose Wall Murals…

how to make hose wall murals

My husband and the kiddos came up with the Hose Wall Murals idea, and showed it to me. I have yet to actually face the hose myself, but the kids LOVE it! Here’s a quick 30-second video showing how we make our Hose Wall Murals:

I think there are a few key things that make the Hose Wall Murals work. First, you need a wall that is absorbent and changes colors when it gets wet. Second, the kids need to stand flat against the wall and hold still while being sprayed. Third, put your thumb over the hoze nozzle to make it spray. It’s nothing tricky — just the same way you would hold the hose if you wanted to spray your garden rather than let it just flow out normally.

How to make Hose Wall Murals in your backyard via @PagingSupermom

Need more ideas to keep the kiddos entertained this summer? I like this list from The Crafting Chicks with 160 summer fun ideas. They also offer this free printable where you and your kids could make a sort of Summer bucket list.

Summer Fun Bucket List

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