Being Prepared

We talk a lot around here about Supermom Moments, and one thing that makes me feel super is being prepared. I carry a giant diaper bag in hopes that, at just the right moment, I can whip out a band-aid to heal a boo boo, produce a cracker to calm a hungry child, or have a wipe handy to take care of a mess.

When you’re out anywhere with something as volatile as a newborn baby or (worst) toddler or BOTH… it’s nice to *feel* ready for anything. At the very least, ready for the things you know you’re going to have to deal with — like feeding, changing and cleaning up. That’s why I’m loving the new OXO Tot collection.

Happy Mail from OXO Tot

They sent me some fun mail filled with the complete line — a few of the pieces aren’t even available yet to purchase! — and I was super impressed. (Want your own box of these goodies? Go enter to win one on the OXO Tot Facebook page.)

Now before I get to how fabulously functional each of these things are, can I just first tell you how pleased I was that every item in the OXO Tot collection is easy on the eyes. I remember when I first became a mom, the selection of baby gear featured colors and prints that ranged from ugly to uglier. THANK HEAVEN someone finally understood that although these products are for babies, the moms who actually use them aren’t wild about teddy bears and other cutesy things. In fact, we deal with a lot of clutter, so hallelujah for clean, minimalist design!

Here are a few new, secret weapons for your diaper bag…Toddler On the Go Essentials on
No. 1 A smart Roll-up Bib securely snaps shut with the mess inside so you can take the dirty bib home without soiling your whole diaper bag. It was a total a DUH! moment: of course this is a way better than how I’ve been doing it. Trust me; you need this. :: No. 2 This On The Go Feeding Spoon comes with a case that keeps it clean until feeding time, then contains the mess on the trip home. :: No. 3 Of course I’d never go anywhere without wipes, but the strap on this On The Go Wipes Dispenser means it can hang right on my stroller so I don’t even have to dig in the diaper bag to snag one. :: No. 4 I’ve been needing a good stroller hook. This one attaches securely and holds a lot, but one word of warning: if you put on too much weight it could make the stroller tippy, so just be smart. It’s a small thing, but I also love that it matches my stroller perfectly.

As my family grows it becomes increasingly difficult to have diapers, snacks, water, toys, a spare set of clothes, and whatever else might be needed to keep the crew under control on an outing. I guess that’s probably why it took me so long to work up the courage to take my new, larger family out by myself — four against one is pretty rough odds, but I managed OK.

I actually kept things pretty well under control as we shopped… until the checkout. By then the baby was getting fussy, and when the cashier handed me my receipt I realized I’d unconsciously let go of the death-grip I’d had on my two year old’s hand. After a few panicked seconds of “Where’s Modette?!!,” luckily a kind lady told me she’d seen her tuck around the corner. There Modette sat happily in a red chair at a computer, applying for a job at Target, I suppose. All is well that ends well.

I saved the best for last… A new baby means we’re back in the bottle business; so I was thrilled with this nifty folding, travel bottle rack. OXO’s On the Go Drying Rack folds in half and comes with a break-down bottle brush. Washing bottles at a hotel or Grandma’s house is a snap. Genius, no?

The Best Travel Bottle Rack at

So are you dying to get your hands on any of these new items?? If so, be sure to leave a comment letting me know which one — I’m very curious. Also let me know if you have any other great tips for being prepared!

As I mentioned before, many of these OXO Tot products are brand new and coming out over the next couple weeks. If the item you want isn’t available yet, you can always enter to win the entire collection over at OXO Tot Facebook page.

The Best Travel Bottle Rack at

Thanks to OXO for sponsoring today’s post!

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  1. I would LOVE the On the Go Drying Rack! We’ve got an almost 2 year old on sippy cups and a new baby due in April. So much washing everywhere.


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