Spot Detectives

Super-Tip Tuesday
Heather C, a Supermom of two, from Chesapeake Beach, Maryland, said:

Is your floor getting spots and you don’t have time to mop? Call the spot detectives! My mother did this when I was young, and I remember loving the “game.” Here’s what to do: give the kids a squirt bottle with water and a rag, then tell them that they are spot detectives. We usually set some boundaries so they don’t go crazy on the carpet, and this would be even more important if you have wood floors. Then I let them have at it. My daughter loves going around and getting the spots, and while she doesn’t get the floor perfect it is much, much better.

Supermom Heather C

Thanks Heather for that Super-tip!

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1 thought on “Spot Detectives”

  1. I love this idea. Spot detectives to the rescue! Ellie will be deemed our newest spot spotter on the case. Can’t wait to have cleaner floors on more neglectful days.


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