Power Cord Hide and Seek

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Sarah G., a Supermom of one, from Tucson, AZ, said:

I have an eight-month-old son whose favorite thing to play with is a power cord. He is just getting good at crawling, and it is amazing how fast he can get from one side of the room to the other if there is a laptop or curling-iron cord in sight.

We have our TV on a hall table, and it has worked out really well because it keeps the TV higher up, but the cords and outlet behind the table were visible. Whenever our baby sees them, he goes straight for them. It kept making me nervous, and I started thinking about ideas of how to cover the cords. Finally I cut a diaper box to the shape I needed, painted it black, and tacked it to the back of the table with small nails. It worked like a charm, didn’t cost me a penny, and you can’t even notice unless you are looking for it!

Now, I not only have a safer place for the baby to play, but also as an added bonus it makes our entertainment setup look more tidy and uncluttered. I am one happy Supermom!

Hiding Television Cords

Good thinking Sarah! Thanks for sharing that Super-tip!

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