Leftover Hamburger Buns

We had three leftover hamburger buns sitting in our bread box. I saw them when I was scrounging around for something to make for lunch and decided I should use them up. So I started spreading peanut butter and strawberry jam on the buns, but I was a bit worried my girls might balk at the buns and want “normal” bread.

Then I had a stroke of genius: I grabbed a banana and cut it up into french-fry pieces and got some strawberry yogurt out of the fridge for “ketchup.” I called the girls over and told them we were having silly hamburgers with french fries and ketchup for lunch. They looked around at the table a bit confused and then started laughing.

“These aren’t hamburgers,” Atty said.

“Sure they are. Just use your imagination,” I replied.

They quickly joined me as we dipped our silly french fries in the silly ketchup. We decided that the silly hamburgers actually tasted yummy dipped in the ketchup too. The girls giggled all through lunch and ate up every bite.

Has to be the best use for leftover hamburger buns ever!

3 thoughts on “Leftover Hamburger Buns”

  1. I’m with you! Always three buns! I have one for you too. I put shredded pork in barbeque sauce and we call it, “Mop ‘n Sop.” Normally, I make it from scratch as a full meal. But noticed I could also use the left over shredded pork carnitas from Costco, throw on the sauce, and put in the leftover buns for a quick meal before we dash off to baseball practice. Now I’m using two left overs…and feeling pretty darn proud of myself too.


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