How to Make a Restaurant Kit For Your Purse

RESTAURANT KIT for kids that you keep in your purse. This is such a smart idea -- no more toys scattered around in my bag!

My husband and I typically go out once a week for a date and we usually go to dinner. We have five kids — the oldest is 16 and the youngest is 18 months. We take our youngest with us quite a bit, just because it’s easier for the older kids and bringing just one is nothing compared to five!

As he has gotten a bit older however, he has been harder to entertain while we wait for dinner and so I decided to put together a little Restaurant Kit that can stay in my purse, doesn’t take up a lot of room and is full of a variety of small things for him to play with. My Restaurant Kit is geared for a boy and some parts are too small for babies, but this idea can easily be adapted for any child or even several children.


This is such a smart idea -- no more toys scattered around in my bag!

This Restaurant Kit has been such a great addition to our dates and as an added bonus, it also comes in handy when I have to wait with the kids at the dentist office, etc. Just remember to keep it in your purse for only special occasions so it remains a novelty! Plus keeping all the toys contained makes my purse much less cluttered.

I found most of the items for my kit at the dollar store, craft store and Walmart. Also be sure to check your craft cupboard and junk drawer at home, before heading to the store, and you’re bound to find a few treasures hidden there.

Here is what I put in my Restaurant Kit:

  • Small cardstock pieces for drawing
  • Tiny chalkboard tag and chalk
  • Mini Uno Cards (for older kids)
  • Little toy car
  • A small wood spool with a short piece of twine tied to it
  • Small wood blocks
  • Some mini figures (dinosaurs, pig and Batman)
  • Tiny Thomas the Train engines (they’re so cute I think I got them more for me)
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    My favorite part is how everything fits snuggly in the round tin container so I don’t have toys scattered inside my bag anymore. I bought my tin at a craft store, and it is about 3.5-inches in diameter. I found this similar tin on Amazon, and I kind of love that it has a screw-on lid.

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    This is such a smart idea -- no more toys scattered around in my bag!


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