Hot, Hot, Hot No More!

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Tiffany W., a Supermom of four, from Phoenix, AZ, said:

Driving your car in AZ from May to Sept, is like driving an oven with wheels. The biggest problem is trying to load your kids into the car and buckle them with out getting 3rd degree burns! The baby car seats are blazing hot and the metal buckles could be used for branding cattle! I found an easy solution that is actually fun.

We keep a spray bottle in the car door. I put it on the fine mist setting. Before we get in the car, I mist the car seat, seatbelt buckles and steering wheel. It evaporates INSTANTLY and cools everything quickly (including the children)! Last summer I bought an extra squirt bottle, and now the kids have their own. They love it!

By the way, I do not recommend the super cheap water bottles. They don’t last as long.

supermom tiffany

Thanks! I am putting a spray bottle in our car pronto–this perfect for the hot days that are quickly approaching. To see Tiffany’s FUN candy cakes visit her shop Sweet Candy Cakes. They all look so exciting and yummy!

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7 thoughts on “Hot, Hot, Hot No More!”

  1. You can also leave a white towel or blanket over the seats while you are not using the car and that will keep the sun from shining on them and heating them up.

  2. What a fun idea. Doesn’t the water get incredibly hot though? I know when I leave my own water bottle in the car, it’s quite hot later. Does the temp of the water not really matter? I’ve kept towels in the car before to cover the carseats, but I may try the water trick this year too.

  3. My husband’s co-worker said she puts those small ice packs around all the seat buckles when she parks the car in a lot for more than a few minutes – they are melted when she gets back in the car, but the metal clips are not at all at the burning level – they stay cool and don’t burn little bodies. We also use spray water bottles and I found little hand held harmless batter operated foam fans that the kids can operate themselves to fan off quickly when they get in the car.

  4. We have a crib sheet that we keep in the car to cover our huge convertible car seat in the summer time. It does a good job of keeping the sunshine off the seat and keeps it cooler. The elastic makes it easy to fit over the seat when you’re one-handed, wrangling kids!


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