Free Printable Sundial Clockface

Free Printable Sundial Clockface

Click the link above to download our free printable clock face — use it with just a paper plate and pencil to create your own sundial. Instructions are included with the template.

Free Printable Clock Face for a Sundial

7 thoughts on “Free Printable Sundial Clockface”

    • Hi,

      First of all, thank you very much for all the great ideas you bring together here on your website. It’s been incredibly useful .

      My apologies for pointing this out, but the sundial you propose would not actually work to tell the time. It would be accurate for perhaps two~three hours out of the day, but after that, not so much, particularly in the early morning hours and late afternoon. It’s a great craft for teaching the basics of how the sun and shadows work together to tell the time, but it might benefit from a disclaimer that it is not a true sundial, as we don’t want to mislead impressionable young minds.

      Thank you for hearing me out.

  1. This sundial would only work on the north pole (if set up as a 24 hour circle). The sun rises and sets close to 6, which need to be on the east and west, approximately 90° to 12 o’clock. For a proper sundial to use, Google “Full Scale Sundial Template Calculator.” Physics teacher, Orange Glen High School

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