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We moms are a resourceful bunch, and it seems like almost everyone I know is working on some project or business. As Mompreneurs we all seem to have one thing in common — a shortage of time! I recently found Design Cuts, which shares a weekly design deal for professional-quality resources and tools that save tons of time. I’ve been super impressed with the bundles they offer. Whenever I find a good deal, I feel it’s my duty to share the wealth, but I must warn you, the trick for me now is keeping myself from buying the Design Cuts bundle every 2 weeks LOL!

Party Edition Mock Up Kit via @pagingsupermom

This week’s deal is a Massive Mock Ups bundle with nearly $4000-worth of mock up photography for just $29 (deal ends Monday, March 13, 2017). For those of you that aren’t up on design lingo, that’s totally OK… I actually was not quite sure myself what they meant by “mock ups,” but essentially they are a specialized kind of stock photography. The creators have taken high-quality photos of a bunch of items, backgrounds, etc, that can be used to create pretty promotional pictures or even digital scrapbook pages.

I’m obsessed with this “Party Edition” pack. I seriously NEED these balloon letters…

Balloon Letters from the Party Edition Mock Up Kit via @pagingsupermom
Party Edition Mock Up Kit via @pagingsupermomParty Edition Mock Up Kit via @pagingsupermom
Party Edition Mock Up Kit via @pagingsupermom

That is just ONE of the packs and there are EIGHTEEN in the bundle. Literally thousands of images you can use for digital scrapbooking, business and more.

And that is just ONE of the packs you guys — there are EIGHTEEN in the bundle! Literally thousands of images. I was scrolling through everything that is included, and I was blown away by all the possibilities. The way I evaluate these bundles is I scroll through the description and photos, counting how many things I want as I go. If there are at least 3 things that jump out at me, then I’ll usually buy it. Sometimes I find there is just one thing I really want, but if I have a use for it RIGHT NOW then it’s generally a better deal to just get the bundle, since most of these kits would cost at least $29 alone at a place like Creative Market. Stock photography can get really expensive too, usually $6-12 per image… and there are thousands in this bundle.

There are so many ways you could use this stuff that it’s hard for me to predict just how you’d use them, but head over to Design Cuts and scroll through all the images to see what jumps out at you.

To make the most of these mockups you will want Adobe Photoshop Elements. If you’re a digital scrapbooker or at all into design you likely have that program already, if not you can try it out for free! These will of course also work with regular Adobe Photoshop.

Massive Mock Ups Bundle Deal from Design Cuts via @PagingSupermom

With so many resources, it would be easy to lose track of everything, but they got you covered there too. The Design Cuts bundle includes a handy, searchable guide that indexes all the stock photography so you can find it when you need it.

Massive Mock Ups Bundle Deal from Design Cuts via @PagingSupermom
Another bonus, Design Cuts creates a handy, searchable guide that helps you keep track of all your resources.
Remember this Massive Mock Ups bundle is only available for the $29 deal through March 13, 2017.

Let me know if you have any design questions, and I’ll do my best to answer! XOXO

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