Free Printable New Years Clock Game

Free Printable New Years Clock Game

Click the link above to download our free printable pin the hands on the New Year’s Clock game. The clock file is setup to print as a 24×36-inch, black and white engineering print, which should cost under $5 to print at a local copy center. Also included is the free printable Clock Hands template, with four sets of hands per page. Print a set for each of your players. To play, blindfold players one at a time and have them try to place their hands facing up towards midnight. You can give each players both clock hands to place at once or play two rounds with the hour hands and then minute hands.

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Free Printable New Year's Clock Game

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  1. Thanks for this fabulous game and for introducing me to affordable large prints. I had no idea! That will serve me well in the future, I’m sure. I appreciate it!


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