Let Freedom Ring Door Sign

Free July 4th Door Sign Patriotic Decor

We will be sharing our “Let Freedom Ring” July 4th party next week, an exciting collaboration with Land of Nod. We couldn’t resist giving you a little sneak peek at the fun that’s in store!

Can’t have a party without a little festive decor — let’s start with a patriotic door sign. Download, print and cut out our free 11×17 Patriotic Door Sign Template. You’ll also need some twine, a glue gun and a dowel (we used a 5/16th-inch one cut down to 12 inches long).

July Fourth Patriotic Door Sign Tutorial

Run a bead of glue along the top margin of your cutout sign. Quickly center the dowel from left to right over the sign and press firmly into the glue.

How to Make a July 4th Patriotic Door Sign Decor

Using twine, string or ribbon tie a simple knot on one side of the dowel. Cut string to the desired length then tie the end onto the other side.

Be sure to check back Monday — you won’t want to miss this parade!

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