Printable Mad Scientist Lab Backdrop

Click the image above (or click here) to download our free printable Mad Lab Backdrop. (After clicking you need to right-click and save the JPG file that loads. It may take a minute to load since the file is fairly large). The file is setup to print as a 36×48-inch large format, black and white engineering print. These should cost around $10 to print at a local copy center.

15 thoughts on “Printable Mad Scientist Lab Backdrop”

  1. There is no link for the mad scientist lab backdrop. I have looked everywhere. Can you please fix. I do this theme every year with my preschoolers and this would just be a hit. Thank you for all your awesome freebies. God Bless. Mrs. Valerie

  2. I’m having difficulty with this also. I have almost everything ready to go, except this. I would love to do this with me niece and nephew (and my brother) when they come to visit. So much fun and so creative! If possible, could you email me a link?

    Thanks so much!

  3. love love this idea we are having a Halloween party on the 26th and I’ve printed off the labels and forms however I can’t seem to get the backdrop to download. If you could send the link that would be awesome.
    Thanks so much

    • I’m worried this is too late… the file has been here all along you just need to click that top image to load it! Now it may take a minute to load since the file is fairly large. Once the image has loaded though right-click on your mouse and save the file to your computer. It is a JPG file that can then be emailed or put on a flash drive to take to your copy center to print.

  4. Hello!! I love this idea and we are super excited to use it for our ward’s Trunk or Treat! I went to Staples today and I am having trouble downloading the backdrop. The jpeg I had downloaded was only for a 4×6 size. Is this what its supposed to be and we have it blown up to the Engineering size? I’m not that comp savvy!! Thanks so much for info!! [email protected]

  5. Thanks for sharing this, I love it! Can you tell me what the glass jars are that you painted black? They don’t look like canning jars…

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