Bettijo Turns Thirty: The Collection

How could I forget to post pictures of Bettijo’s big 3-Oh party? As you know, Bettijo hosts fabulous parties, so our friend, Debbie, and I were excited to give back!

When I asked Bettijo what kind of party she wanted, she wasn’t shy to explain she wanted something fun, interactive and artsy. Yes, artsy “like a gallery opening” is how she explained it? Hmm… I had a million ideas for a kid art party… but a sophisticated adult art party? Yikes!

First up: Invitations. Bettijo’s superdad husband sent me some pictures. This one of Bettijo with the balloon was PERFECT. After some tweaks in photoshop, the invite was ready:


The party started late, so while we didn’t serve dinner, we had some delicious food, including our new party favorite: Caramel Baked Brie.

front table

side table

Michelle from Michelle’s Sweet Cakes made this fun cake as our centerpiece for the table. I love the white sides and orange top on each layer.


For drinks, Debbie and I wanted something unique, so we served up non-alcoholic mixed drinks in fancy glasses. Each drink had a signature glass.

drink bar

While all the guests were friends with Bettijo, they all didn’t know each other, so we wanted to provide some games to encourage mingling. Painting Bettijo her own piece of art was a fun obvious choice; we also had a name-the-artist-and-art contest. Then, to encourage more conversation, we had a custom paint bucket filled with spray-painted stir sticks with questions attached.


art game + convo starter

We sent each guest home with a green (Bettijo’s favorite color) paint brush.


I wonder what theme Bettijo will request next year…


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5 thoughts on “Bettijo Turns Thirty: The Collection”

  1. Super Fun Party!! I wish I was 30 again… however, I will be 35 this year. Think that counts as an excuse for a cool party?? Probably not… But I wanna be on your waiting list for my 40th :)

  2. Bettijo is the BEST!!! Thanks for inviting us. Of the things I miss from Arizona, you and your family are at the top of the list.


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