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Simple Father’s Day Gift

Easy DIY Fathers Day Gift Idea

Although simple (and great for a last-minute gift), this Father’s Day Questionnaire makes the perfect gift for your Dad. Our printable fill-in worksheet helps you tell Dad know just how super he is.

So God Made a Farmer

So God Made A Farmer - Best Super Bowl Commercial #farmers

I’m not a big sports fan so typically if I watch the Super Bowl it is just for the commercials (because I’m weird like that and I DO like commercials). To me the winner of best Super Bowl commercial was clear as soon as it began — stunning images of American farmers flashed across the…

Perfect Father’s Day Activity

Liam recently turned five and requested a remote control car as one of his gifts. It was among his new favorite toys until last week when it became obsolete after our family outing to RIDEMAKERZ. Have you been there? My boys LOVE it. (And by boys, that includes SuperDad.) If you’re not familiar, RIDEMAKERZ is…

Superdad Printable Gift Labels

Superdad Gift Labels Free Template Download

Here at Supermom Moments we’re quite fond of Superdads. With Father’s Day just around the corner we created this fun free “You’re a Superdad” printable gift label — available in six different designs and color schemes. They’re the perfect way to let Dad know you think he’s Super! For those of you who already have…

Candy Bowtie for Dad

How to make a M&Ms Candy Bowtie for Dad

A couple years ago Liam made his Dad a candy bowtie for Father’s Day at church. Not only did SuperDad enjoy it, Liam thought it was the best present ever for his special Dad. I’m not sure whom to credit for this idea, yet now we love Candy Bowties for Father’s Day around here! The…

The Playhouse That Daddy Built

It is still missing the front door, but the girls don’t care; they love the new Playhouse that Daddy built for them. We had been shopping around for a playhouse/swing set to put in the backyard, but didn’t find anything that we loved. So when my husband’s folks came to visit in January and we…

The Importance of Dad

Want a truly meaningful gift for Father’s Day? How about showing Dad just how important he is. Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician specializing in adolescent health, recently wrote Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters: 10 Secrets Every Fathers Should Know. She explains in detail how a father is essential to the well being of children, particularly daughters….