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Worksheet Wednesday: Baseball Handwriting


Liam has recently fallen in love with baseball. Our family outings to his Little League practices and games have gotten Harrison intrigued in the game, too. (Looks like I’ll be having two Little Leaguers next season!) In the mean time, I put together this Baseball Handwriting worksheet for Harrison to practice his printing and coloring….

Worksheet Wednesday: Spring Syllables


This week’s Spring Syllables worksheet is not only a conversation starter for what happens during the spring season, this worksheet is also a great introduction for syllables. As you say the word aloud with your child, have him (or her) clap with you to the syllables. Learning and understanding syllabication will help your child to…

Worksheet Wednesday: Counting Spring Blossoms


Hooray for Spring! Outside the sun is shining, bugs are buzzing and the flowers are blossoming! Celebrate Spring with this week’s free printable worksheet: Counting Spring Blossoms. This worksheet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners learning how to count to five. Also, this worksheet will help build your little one’s fine motor skills through small-space…

Worksheet Wednesday: L Is for Lucky


This week’s worksheet helps your preschooler recognize the letter L and use his fine motor skills to color small spaces. Once he’s identified the Ls, have him count them for an extra challenge. You can also use this worksheet to have your child find the largest or smallest shamrocks.

Worksheet Wednesday: Counting to Lucky 7

Free Printable Preschool Math Worksheet

This week’s worksheet will give your little one an opportunity to practice counting to seven, writing the number seven and writing the word seven.

Worksheet Wednesday: For the Love of Math


Math facts, math facts, math facts! Is it really possible to over study them? I think not. So, we present you this week’s worksheet: For the Love of Math Skip Counting.

Worksheet Wednesday: Bullseye Math

Free Printable Math Worksheet at

Several of our kid’s favorite characters (from Brave to Robin Hood) are great with a bow and arrow. So we figured they’d appreciate this archery-themed math worksheet. The basic algebra equations exercise a child’s reverse logic as they determine which number is required to make the arrow hit the target value. I included two worksheet…