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Worksheet Wednesday: Bullseye Math

Free Printable Math Worksheet at

Several of our kid’s favorite characters (from Brave to Robin Hood) are great with a bow and arrow. So we figured they’d appreciate this archery-themed math worksheet. The basic algebra equations exercise a child’s reverse logic as they determine which number is required to make the arrow hit the target value. I included two worksheet…

Worksheet Wednesday: Christmas Dot-to-Dot


Counting to 50 is such a big deal when you’re little, so with just a few moments of your time and this week’s Christmas Dot-to-Dot, junior will make it ALL that way to 50. For added fun, pull out a glue stick and some cotton balls… no telling what the mystery Christmas shape is–but white…

Worksheet Wednesday: Acorn Math

Acorn Math Free Printable Math Worksheet for Fall at

Our kids seem to really enjoy these math riddle worksheets, and we are happy to oblige! Today’s riddle is a bit corny, but we think they are going to love it. :: Acorn Math Free Printable Fall Worksheet

Halloween Worksheet Wednesday!

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Halloween is SO close! Here are a few Halloween-themed worksheets to keep your littles busy for a few minutes while you finish any last-minute costume details. Also, these worksheets are great for teachers and home room moms for a quick yet fun and educational assignment to incorporate into any classroom Halloween party. ONE :: TWO…

Worksheet Wednesday: Printable Periodic Table

Free Printable periodic table

My son Liam LOVES math and science, and since I’m in the midst of re-doing his room, I created this Periodic Table to hang on his wall. So today’s worksheet is a little bit different — it’s not so much a working worksheet as much as it is a fun coloring page and a great…

Worksheet Wednesday: Mad Lab Math

Mad Lab Math Free Worksheet at

So today was pretty hectic as you can tell by the fact that it’s past 9 pm, and I’m just now getting Worksheet Wednesday up. I’m so worn out and was very tempted to skip today’s post, but we have such a fun worksheet to share, and I didn’t want you all to miss out….

Worksheet Wednesday: Around the World Math

Around-the-World-Math-Printable-Worksheet and more at

Liam recently came home with a math worksheet similar to our Around the World Math worksheet. I love how this circular math concept helps our children check their answers — if done correctly, by the time your child makes it all the way around the world, he will be right back to the number he…