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Worksheet Wednesday: L Is for Lucky


This week’s worksheet helps your preschooler recognize the letter L and use his fine motor skills to color small spaces. Once he’s identified the Ls, have him count them for an extra challenge. You can also use this worksheet to have your child find the largest or smallest shamrocks.

Perfect Pecan Pie Recipe

Best Pecan Pie Recipe at

This Pecan Pie has it all — it is homemade but incredibly easy, and it will seriously wow your tastebuds. In fact, we would bet it will be the first pie plate to empty at your Thanksgiving feast. Give yourself a trial run and make one of these pies this week, that way you’re sure…

Halloween Worksheet Wednesday!

Free Printable Halloween Worksheets from

Halloween is SO close! Here are a few Halloween-themed worksheets to keep your littles busy for a few minutes while you finish any last-minute costume details. Also, these worksheets are great for teachers and home room moms for a quick yet fun and educational assignment to incorporate into any classroom Halloween party. ONE :: TWO…

How to Get Better Smartphone Photos

Tips For Better Smart Phone Photos #iphone #betterphotos

For most of us these days our regular cameras are stashed away who knows where, and the camera that gets used is the one that’s with you: your phone. It’s fabulous to be able to take and instantly share pics on Facebook and Instagram, but don’t you wish the phone photos turned out a little…

Make it Snappy

Paging Supermom Mini Flair Pins

We leave for SNAP Conference tomorrow! Although we’re still recovering from our three parties in one week last week, we’re super excited to meet up with a bunch of talented folks in Utah. In preparation for the event we whipped up these mini flair buttons to pass out — I get giddy just looking at…

Bunny Greetings!


When Bettijo mentioned she needed something Easter-ish for her front door, we wanted to create something fresh and simple. Since we didn’t want something floral or egg-y, we decided a bunny silhouette was the route to go—and our Easter Bunny Cameo was born. Being a Mom to boys, it’s not often I get to decorate…

Lucky Green Healthy Snack


In honor of the little leprechauns that will come around on St. Patrick’s Day, I’ve planned green afternoon snacks for the week. And, to my little boys, what could be a yummier snack than a green SPINACH smoothie?? Yup, I’m serious! See, a little while back Liam went to a Healthy Kids cooking class that…