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Halloween Worksheet Wednesday!

Free Printable Halloween Worksheets from

Halloween is SO close! Here are a few Halloween-themed worksheets to keep your littles busy for a few minutes while you finish any last-minute costume details. Also, these worksheets are great for teachers and home room moms for a quick yet fun and educational assignment to incorporate into any classroom Halloween party. ONE :: TWO…

I Spy a Halloween Blood Bar


A few weeks ago after a particularly long bedtime fight routine with the kids, my husband and I were recovering on the couch… he was reading the news on his phone, and I was thumbing through the Pottery Barn Fall catalog. A sharp squeal pierced the sweet silence, an involuntary reaction after I spied this…

Ghost Music Halloween Dinner Party

Love this spooky Ghost Music Halloween Dinner Party at

My annual All Hallow’s Eve dinner party is coming up this weekend, but I took a quick break from preparations because, as per tradition, it is time to share the photos from last year’s party with you all! My husband loves throwing this party, and I have a great time working together with him on…

Watch us on AZ Midday for Halloween Halloween Activities on Arizona Midday

Yesterday we paid a visit to our friends at the NBC studio in Phoenix. We had a great time showing our favorite activities for Halloween. They posted the segment online so you can check it out here.

Halloween on Arizona Midday

Easy & Kid-Friendly Halloween ideas with lots of FREE Printables at #halloween

Monday Aimée and I will be appearing on Phoenix NBC’s Arizona Midday sharing kid-friendly Halloween activities. If you’re local, tune in to Channel 12 at 12:30 pm to watch us live. If you don’t live in AZ, we will hopefully have the segment posted online afterwards. Here is a round-up of our favorite Halloween activities…

Worksheet Wednesday: Mad Lab Math

Mad Lab Math Free Worksheet at

So today was pretty hectic as you can tell by the fact that it’s past 9 pm, and I’m just now getting Worksheet Wednesday up. I’m so worn out and was very tempted to skip today’s post, but we have such a fun worksheet to share, and I didn’t want you all to miss out….

No-Sew Ninja Costume

No-Sew Ninja Costume at

I hosted a Ninjago party for my youngest son’s birthday last year. I have been meaning to share those party photos with you for… well, a year! I promise we will put them up soon, but I didn’t want to wait any longer to share our fun Ninja Costume tutorial because it would make a…