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Egglings: Plant Seeds in Egg Shells

Plant Seeds in Egg Shells for easy transplanting into your garden. Details @PagingSupermom

I can’t think of many things cuter than plants sprouting inside of egg shells. They are perfect to have around the house at Easter time, but the shells also have a practical purpose making it easy to transplant seedlings into the garden later.

Worksheet Wednesday: Around the World Math

Around-the-World-Math-Printable-Worksheet and more at

Liam recently came home with a math worksheet similar to our Around the World Math worksheet. I love how this circular math concept helps our children check their answers — if done correctly, by the time your child makes it all the way around the world, he will be right back to the number he…

Happy Earth Day

Earth Day Treat - Compost Pudding from

Last year we shared an Earth Day party over at One Charming Party. It is still one of my favorite parties ever — all the details were so darling. You definitely won’t want to miss our time lapse video of a bean sprouting — it is SO cool!

Modette’s First Birthday

First Birthday Free Printable High Chair Signs #firstbirthday #printables

I remember when my first baby’s first birthday came around — I couldn’t believe how fast time could fly. Well guess what, with baby No. 3 I’ve learned that time really just never slows down. I think baby Modette’s first year went by in record time, and with all the climbing and getting into things…

Happy Earth Day!


A day in the life of a bean sprout… Isn’t that amazing? We hope you’ll share a link to this video with friends as a little Earth Day gift in their email inbox! THE STORY BEHIND THE VIDEO: We sprouted several Tiger’s Eye Beans in eggshells for our Earth Day Party (being hosted over at…

Recycled Party Tassels

Potato Chip Bag Recycled into Party Decor

Have you noticed the fun tassels that seem to be popping up everywhere lately? We’re loving them. Most are made from tissue paper or metallic mylar paper. In honor of Earth Day we re-purposed chip bags, old maps and used tissue paper into a festive party decoration. Here’s how to do it… Begin by washing…

How to Make a Globe


When Liam brought his papier-mâché globe home from school I was thrilled for many reasons. First it was one of the coolest kindergarten projects ever — his class had literally spent months making their globes working a little each day as they learned about all the oceans, continents, etc. Secondly, Bettijo and I had just…