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Bettijo is a co-founder and designer here at Paging Supermom. More importantly, she is a mother of four -- three girls and a boy. During quieter moments, she enjoys art, retro-modern design, photography and making new things. In 2003 Bettijo founded an organic bath and spa products brand, Bath By Bettijo, which has been regularly featured in national magazines including Real Simple, Martha Stewart Living, Whole Living, O, EveryDay with Rachel Ray, Health, Lucky, Shape and more.

First Day of School Activities

Love these Back to School party ideas with FREE PRINTABLES via @PagingSupermom

Sadly this weekend marks the official end of summer, and kids everywhere are going back to school. My friend Kelly from Cloudy Day Gray shared a glimpse at her family’s first day of school activities, and I was delighted to see the way she used our Back to School with Neon printables to create a…

Capture Those Great Ideas in the Shower

Here's how to capture all those GREAT IDEAS you get in the shower! via @PagingSupermom

I don’t know about any of you, but I think I get most of my best ideas in the shower. Something about that hot water running on my head, gets those creative juices flowing. Yet it’s so very hard to remember all those terrific ideas once I get out! “Your mind is for having ideas,…

Organize, Declutter + Get Things Done

How to Organize, Declutter and Get Things Done via @PagingSupermom

Thanks to Avery for sponsoring this post! Work-life balance is the buzz phrase when it comes to organizing tips. With my design and blogging work, I guess I still technically have “work” to balance, with life, but as we all know, even a mom who has no other job title, has PLENTY of work to…

Easy Back to School Care Package

Back to School Care Package w/ FREE PRINTABLES! via @PagingSupermom

I was so excited when I saw this adorable Back to School care package that my friend Melissa from Lulu the Baker put together using my free printables! So cute, right?! I love those adorable little badges she made using the Party Punchables and Party Flags that are part of my free back to school…

Free Printables for Pete’s Dragon

Disney's Pete's Dragon Movie via @PagingSupermom

I just saw Disney’s new Pete’s Dragon movie, and my favorite part of the film had to be the gorgeous scenery. We just returned from a 3-week family road trip up the Pacific Coast, and the lush forrest in Pete’s Dragon made me feel like we were back there. The new Pete’s Dragon is a…

Olympic Games for Kids

Make an Olympic Gold Medal via @PagingSupermom

My family loves the Olympics, and since I was a competitive swimmer growing up, I have a definite soft spot for the Summer Games. I just wanted to round up my favorite ideas for the Olympic Games for kids, in case you’d like to whip up some Olympic themed family fun this weekend! This Olympic…