Worksheet Wednesday: Counting Spring Blossoms

Hooray for Spring! Outside the sun is shining, bugs are buzzing and the flowers are blossoming! Celebrate Spring with this week’s free printable worksheet: Counting Spring Blossoms.

This worksheet is perfect for preschoolers and kindergartners learning how to count to five. Also, this worksheet will help build your little one’s fine motor skills through small-space coloring, cutting and gluing.


If you’re looking for more spring worksheets, be sure to see our Sunshine Counting to 20, Spring Handwriting, Bugs, Bugs, Bugs! Sorting and Ladybug Match. If your youngster enjoyed the cutting, you’ll love our Shooting Star cutting worksheet, too.

Download our free printable Counting Spring Blossoms worksheet here.

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  2. Linden Davies says:

    Thank you for this sheet. It is perfect for the ability level of my preschoolers at the moment.

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