Make an 80s Slip-Knot Friendship Bracelet

While hunting for supplies for the Sailor Baby Shower, we stumbled into some of this thin parachute cording at the craft store — much like the neon yellow and neon pink stuff that was made into slip-knot friendship bracelets and littered the 80s. So naturally we bought a few yards of it, tied them into bracelets and started giving them away to random people… because we’re crazy like that. Well just in case any of you have a similar urge to make a funky slip-knot cord bracelets we shot a quick tutorial.

How to Tie an 80s Slip-Knot Friendship Bracelet via @PagingSupermom

This simple friendship bracelet consists of a single strand tied with two slip knots to create a bracelet that easily adjusts to fit anyone.

TO MAKE: Begin by cutting an 18-inch length of cording. Loop one end around the center of the strand and tie the first knot. Tighten and bring the remaining loose end around to the other side and tie another knot. Trim the ends. You can use this same technique to tie leather, ribbon, hemp, etc.

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