How to be a Super-wife!

We think part of being a Supermom is being a Super-wife! Just because you’re married with kids doesn’t mean dating is a thing of the past. Actually date nights are more important now than ever, to help foster your romantic relationship.

We try to be good about taking time to go out sans kids, but still it’s easy to fall into the dinner-and-a-movie rut. So we wanted to share this fun website called The Dating Divas. There are loads of ideas — both sweet and saucy — for fostering intimacy. We also appreciate that they include things for keeping the kids entertained as well.

I'd Still Pick You date from #fruitpicking #creativedateideas

I’D STILL PICK YOU :: A day trip with just the two of you to a farm where you can pick your own fruit? Sign me up! This outing actually sounds pretty close to my idea of the perfect date. They included a sweet invite that says, “I’d still pick you!”

Book Club Date at #bookclub #bookmarks

COUPLE’S BOOK CLUB :: My husband and I try to make the topics of “kids” and “work” taboo during date night — it makes it easier to reconnect romantically when you leave behind those day-to-day cares. So I love this idea of reading the same book and then going out on a date to discuss.

Nerf Gun Date Idea from #dateideas #nerf

NERF WARS DATE :: Here’s one that I know Superdad would love! They have some really fun ideas for making this a group or family date.

So all this has me wondering — what is your idea of the perfect date?

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3 Responses to How to be a Super-wife!
  1. Madison says:

    I love the Dating Divas (and so does my husband.) They inspire me to be creative, flirty, and fun.

  2. Awwwww, what a FUN write-up! Thank you SO much!! XOXO

  3. Heather says:

    We recently had the idea of dressing up in black getting one of those chalk pens you can use to write on car windows and going and putting notes on our other married friends cars. Things like: “A+A” or “Still Married”. Just the intrigue sounds fun!

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