Worksheet Wednesday: Silly Faces

I’m not sure where this came from, but my little guy LOVES playing with my face. He gently demands I make all sorts of crazy smiles and crossed eyes and whatnot. Lately when we color together he’s been requesting I draw him various silly faces with wild eyes, spikey hair, uneven smiles, buckteeth and unexpected color combinations. I thought this week’s worksheet would be a fun way to include him in more of the wild face drawings.

With the “hard part” done, our little ones can easily add special features. In fact, I think our older kiddos will have just as much fun creating wild expressions. To add a little bit of handwriting practice, I included lines to describe the various face emotions—this can make a fabulous conversation starter and an excuse to practice a tiny bit of handwriting.

Download your Crazy, Happy, Silly Faces worksheet here!

And with that, how are you feeling today?

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Aimée was a co-founder of Paging Supermom. Although she dreams in pink, she wouldn’t trade her two energetic boys for anything. Between using The Force on surrounding battle droids and flying to infinity and beyond, Aimée enjoys squeezing in some personal creative time. With a background in advertising, marketing and design, she is proud to stay home raising her boys.


2 Responses to Worksheet Wednesday: Silly Faces
  1. blank Bettijo says:

    My girls just asked me to print this out again. Attalie says it’s her favorite worksheet yet!

  2. Yazmin McGinnis says:

    I had problems trying to download the banner and bottle wraps. We will out of the country for summer, and I was thinking to do a party for my girls, because I do not want they miss this special event.

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