100% Genuine Leprechaun Gold

Of course you know what every Leprechaun really wants — GOLD! Well you can stop chasing rainbows now because we know the secret to making 100% Genuine Leprechaun Gold, and we’re happy to share!

Freebie Leprechaun Gold Printable Gift Tag

Fill enough mini zip-top bags for all your child’s friends (or your friends!) with chocolate gold coins. Download our freebie 100% Genuine Leprechaun Gold tags, print on green cardstock, cut, fold, attach. You’re golden!

A quick word about chocolate coins: you’re probably aware that not all are created equal. Unfortunately most of the chocolate coins I’ve tasted in my life have been downright awful. The only ones I ever eat — Albert Premier Belgian Chocolate Coins. They are not the most inexpensive but definitely the most enjoyable.

:: Download Leprechaun Gold Tags in Black and White (shown here printed on green cardstock)
:: Download Leprechaun Gold Tags in Color


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  2. […] This year I also packaged up some leprechaun gold. My kids are going to love those gold chocolate coins! :) You can download the free printable HERE. […]

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