What is Veteran’s Day?

Last night at dinner, Attalie was reminding us that there would be no school on Thursday, which I suppose begged the question, “What is Veteran’s Day.”

Heath quickly replied: “Veteran’s Day is when we honor those people who have served in our military and fought for our country.”

Then in one of those makes-you-so-proud moments, Attalie suggested that she should color and send a picture to a friend we know who recently returned from Iraq. (Isn’t she so thoughtful?) Heath also reminded her that several of her grandpas and great-grandpas are veterans, and of course she wants to send cards to them too.

Veteran's Day Card

So after bedtime last night, Superdad and I worked together to create this Veteran’s Day Card for the girls to color and mail today.

Thank You Soldier

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3 Responses to What is Veteran’s Day?
  1. Shauntel says:

    Thanks! That is a perfect project for my kids this week. You rock!

  2. aimee says:

    Perfect! My boys are coloring them now so we can walk them to our mailbox before lunch. Thank you for the card, and thanks to all who serve our country and protect our freedom!

  3. Laura Sexton says:

    LOVE this card!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

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