Ghosts + Pumpkins

Harrison, freshly two, loves to draw and color. I cannot describe how happy this makes me. He loves bringing me his doodle pad, sitting on my lap and requesting (rather: demanding) me to draw various shapes. Lately he is all about ghosts and pumpkins. We spent the better part of our last mommy-Harrison time drawing these shapes over and over. So tonight as I was prepping for tomorrow’s activities, I threw together a simple dotted-line drawing worksheet for my little guy. For all you other Moms who have ghost and pumpkin loving toddlers, this free ghost and pumpkin tracing sheet is for you, too. Happy drawing!

paging supermom printable

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Aimée was a co-founder of Paging Supermom. Although she dreams in pink, she wouldn’t trade her two energetic boys for anything. Between using The Force on surrounding battle droids and flying to infinity and beyond, Aimée enjoys squeezing in some personal creative time. With a background in advertising, marketing and design, she is proud to stay home raising her boys.


3 Responses to Ghosts + Pumpkins
  1. Ash says:

    Lovin’ em! We’ll be tracing ours this am! Thanks :)

  2. […] for visiting!Last Halloween little Harrison became obsessed with ghosts. Between playing ghosts, tracing ghosts and booing like ghosts, I think we had our share of spirited fun. As for an update: here we are a […]

  3. Debbie says:

    This is so cute! I love it. I can’t wait to see all of the fall and Halloween ideas you guys have!

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