Easter Crafts on Arizona Midday

Yesterday I visited NBC’s Arizona Midday to share some of our free printable Easter crafts and decor. It was an interesting trip because right as we were about to go on the President interrupted with a press conference.

Easter Crafts for Kids on Arizona Midday with @PagingSupermom

So we all hung out on set snacking on the Easter ham and salads waiting for things to finish up. I’m glad we still had a chance to share all our ideas. If you were not able to catch the segment live you can watch it online at Arizona Midday. Happy Easter to you and your family!


Easter Fun For Kids Round Up

Today we are headed downtown to be guests on the NBC Arizona Midday show. If you are local and want to try to catch the segment it will air at 12:30 on Channel 12. Here is a peek at what we will be sharing — some colorful and kid-friendly Easter ideas. Click one of the numbered links below for all the details on each project.

Lots of Free Printables and fun Easter ideas for kids via @PagingSupermom


Free Printable Worksheets for Spring

On this Worksheet Wednesday we decided to round up our favorite free printable worksheets for Spring. Click the numbered links below to go download each one.

Five Free Printable #Worksheets for Spring from @PagingSupermom


Free Printable Polka Dot Bunny Ears

Free printable Polka Dot Bunny Ears via @PagingSupermom

Don’t know about your kids, but ours love to hop around wearing bunny ears on Easter Sunday. Today we are sharing four versions of free printable bunny ears to please all the little rabbits.

Tennis Ball Baby Chicks Craft

Tennis Ball Baby Chicks is a cute kids craft for Easter or Spring via @PagingSupermom

Today we’re turning tennis balls into fuzzy and adorable baby chicks. Cheep! Cheep! My kids have been enjoying the new book Bedtime for Chickies and couldn’t help be inspired by the cute illustrations of perfectly round, little baby chicks. We wanted to hold one so we decided to make them out of tennis balls.

Worksheet Wednesday: Baseball Handwriting


Liam has recently fallen in love with baseball. Our family outings to his Little League practices and games have gotten Harrison intrigued in the game, too. (Looks like I’ll be having two Little Leaguers next season!) In the mean time, I put together this Baseball Handwriting worksheet for Harrison to practice his printing and coloring….

Fun Easter Basket Ideas

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas via @PagingSupermom

I love collecting things to put in the baskets the Easter Bunny will hide for our kiddos. Since there is usually way too much candy around at Easter, I love to find things that are fun and sugar-free. Here are some of the goodies that are on my list this year.