Tennis Ball Baby Chicks Craft

Today we’re turning tennis balls into fuzzy and adorable baby chicks. Cheep! Cheep!

Tennis Ball Baby Chicks is a cute kids craft for Easter or Spring via @PagingSupermom

My kids have been enjoying the new book Bedtime for Chickies and couldn’t help be inspired by the cute illustrations of perfectly round, little baby chicks. We wanted to hold one so we decided to make them out of tennis balls.

Free Printable to Make these Cute Tennis Ball Baby Chicks via @PagingSupermom

Worksheet Wednesday: Baseball Handwriting

Liam has recently fallen in love with baseball. Our family outings to his Little League practices and games have gotten Harrison intrigued in the game, too. (Looks like I’ll be having two Little Leaguers next season!) In the mean time, I put together this Baseball Handwriting worksheet for Harrison to practice his printing and coloring.


This worksheet is great for assisting your little one with handwriting and coloring — and , of course, introducing him (or her) to the game of baseball.

:: Download our Free Printable Baseball Handwriting Worksheet

Fun Easter Basket Ideas

I love collecting things to put in the baskets the Easter Bunny will hide for our kiddos. Since there is usually way too much candy around at Easter, I love to find things that are fun and sugar-free. Here are some of the goodies that are on my list this year.

Candy-Free Easter Basket Ideas via @PagingSupermom

Egglings: Plant Seeds in Egg Shells

Plant Seeds in Egg Shells for easy transplanting into your garden. Details @PagingSupermom

I can’t think of many things cuter than plants sprouting inside of egg shells. They are perfect to have around the house at Easter time, but the shells also have a practical purpose making it easy to transplant seedlings into the garden later.

Worksheet Wednesday: Spring Syllables


This week’s Spring Syllables worksheet is not only a conversation starter for what happens during the spring season, this worksheet is also a great introduction for syllables. As you say the word aloud with your child, have him (or her) clap with you to the syllables. Learning and understanding syllabication will help your child to…

$1000 Craft Room Giveaway

Ultimate Craft Room Giveaway

Today we are celebrating the last day of National Craft Month and starting the countdown to SNAP 2014 with the ultimate craft room giveaway!

8 Easter Crafts for Kids

Free Printable Easter Egg Lacing Activity via @PagingSupermom

Today we are sharing a cute Easter activity for kids over at The Crafting Chicks blog, and here we thought it would be fun to round up the sweetest Easter kids crafts that we’ve seen around the web. No. 1 from :: No. 2 from :: No. 3 from :: No. 4…